Eva Anders is a fashion designer and the founder of Eve Anders brand. Since 2011 she has been working in her atelier in Tallinn.

Her knowledge and experience of sewing, needlework and design was formed through learning these arts at the St. Petersburg-based schools where masters still remember what ‘’high quality sewing’’ is and cherish it above all.

Studying at the Art School and Gold Embroidery Department, of School of Church Gold Embroidery has played a crucial role in Eva’s development and has set her high quality standards.


We wear clothes up to 18 hours a day, and it is of great importance that we choose wisely in order to be in harmony with yourself and your body.

That’s why the Eve Anders’ cornerstones are fabric, comfortable fit and feminine silhouettes. Our outfits are made to accentuate uniqueness, grace and feminine character. All the models embody softness, laconism, minimalism, thus making it easy for you to express your own personality and peculiar features.

Eve Anders is realized clothing that underlines and strengthens your natural beauty.

Handmade items, skilled specialists, old time Haute Couture methods

Waste-free / against child and low-paid labor production

Natural, modern and vintage fabrics to make one-of-a-kind garments

Unique outfits, most of which are never repeated


We’re making outfits that care about you. That’s why in all collections we use fabrics and materials of ONLY natural origin. At such level of quality every garment is a favorite and provides daily inspirations.


EveAnders is a brand that embraces Eco Fashion Couture and slow fashion:

  • Every item is handmade by professionals using proven and old-fashioned methods.
  • All our collections are full of positive and bright energy.
  • All the items are made from natural modern and vintage fabrics, many of them are hand-dyed by our skilled masters.
  • We practice waste-free production – all fabric leftovers are used for decorative elements, embroidery and accessories.
  • Our production is sustainable and is absolutely safe for people and ecology.
  • Every garment that we make is one-of-a-kind.


We use various modern design and old-time methods , and church gold embroidery is among favorites. All our materials are natural and of high carefully selected quality only. They are procured and brought from all over the world. Thus every item is exclusive and unique just as you are. Our motto is “and every garment will be favorite”!

Welcome to our world!